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There is more room for the localization of cable insulation material.

時間:2018-01-22 查看:2640

Wu changshun, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai cable institute.

Chinese news network reporter li qingzhen.

"From the point of high voltage cable insulation material it is imperative to realize the localization, both from the national interests and national industry development and the future development prospect is good, urban overhead wires into the ground, urban expansion and so on all need a large number of high voltage cable, high voltage cable a vast market and therefore demand of high voltage cable insulation material has a large space."Wu changshun, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai cable research institute, told reporters.

Reporter: what is the significance of the localization of high voltage cable insulation to the cable industry?

Wu changshun: the domestic production of high voltage cable insulation materials is a national encouragement program, which must be supported in the national industrial policy.The purpose of this project is the following aspects.

One is to break the monopoly of foreign countries in this industry.It is the only way to speed up the localization of high voltage cable insulation material.

Second, it is of great significance to reduce the price of high voltage cable.High-voltage cable insulation is expected to be completely dependent on imports so far, and the price of the voice in foreign suppliers has affected the price of high-voltage cable products.It is a good thing for the benefit of the people if the high voltage cable insulation materializes.

Third, it is of great significance to the technology innovation and product upgrading of the insulating material production enterprise.Part of wire and cable insulation material production enterprise in our country are hovering at a low level, low technology content products competition, high voltage cable insulation material production from raw material selection, production process, purification treatment and production equipment are different from other insulating material production, whether in the production equipment, production process and product quality control, etc are all contain technical innovation, in such aspects as product use and product quality control is a qualitative leap.The breakthrough in the localization of high voltage cable insulation material has been achieved, which has played an important role in the upgrading of the cable industry.

Reporter: the insulation material upstream enterprise current to domestic high voltage cable insulation raw material importance how?How to control the quality of raw materials?

Wu Changshun: along with the extension of industry chain, as the upstream petrochemical enterprises of cable materials, have realized that the cable material, especially in high voltage cable insulation material has a broad market, and have development space.Therefore, the main domestic petrochemical companies switched their attention to cable material industry, this is a good phenomenon and trend of development, is advantageous to the high voltage cable material and the development of special cable materials and localization process.

But as petrochemical enterprises should realize that as the cable material of the resin material has its particularity, should according to the requirement of the cable material set up specialized production equipment, process parameters and process, etc., in order to produce resin meet the requirements of cable materials, only in this way can the cable control product quality, make the healthy development of domestic high voltage cable materials and other materials.

Reporter: what is the future market prospect of high voltage insulating materials?

Wu changshun: according to the 20% annual growth rate of high voltage cable insulation materials, the market prospect is very broad.In recent years the use of high voltage cable length and cross section, the demand of high voltage crosslinked cable material for the whole year around 40000 ~ 50000 tons, as raw material production enterprises should seize the government advocates, large market potential development opportunities, development of domestic high voltage cable insulation materials, first, replace the imported, for the development of high voltage cable national industry do "open".

Reporter: current high voltage cable insulation is facing what development bottleneck?How can companies address these bottlenecks?

Wu Changshun: high voltage cable insulation material localization mainly is facing the development bottleneck: one is a large investment, the second is the high technical difficulty, 3 it is to work closely with raw materials suppliers, four is the user recognition is not high.

Qualified domestic famous cable material manufacturers should increase their input and develop domestic high-voltage cable insulation materials, and the government should support them both in terms of policies and funds.Enterprises should actively organize the technical personnel to attack, adopt the method of production and research, each play their own advantages, solve the production technology and other problems.In addition, actively cooperate with the raw material upstream enterprise to produce the resin material that meets the requirements, and solve the problem of domestic production of high voltage cable insulation from the industrial chain.As the domestic high voltage cable users, especially the power users should advocate the use of domestic crosslinked materials production of high voltage cables, to make contributions to the national industry.

Reporter: now the domestic some large cable factory are waiting to see high voltage cable insulation material market, can say they haven't wake up, once the smell market opportunities, will rush into the insulating material market.What kind of policy should the government adopt to guard against this kind of phenomenon?

Wu Changshun: I hope the government policies, limit follow blindly, in the reasonable layout, high voltage cable insulation material is different from the low voltage cable insulation materials, one thousand cable material quality problems and affect the cable products quality problem, then the quality of the power supply, quality accident, harm is great, and the damage localization work of high voltage cable insulation material.It is hoped that the high voltage cable users will provide domestic raw material users in the bidding, protect the brand raw material production enterprises, and also benefit the quality control of cable products.