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Qin2012 Asia high-end cable and cable summit

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Qin2012 Asia high-end cable and cable summit.


Seize the opportunity of Asia's high-end cable and cable market.


Nov. 27-28, 2012, Shanghai, China.

27 -- 28November2012, Shanghai, China.

The two-day summit is aimed at understanding Asia's advanced cable technology/material updates and emerging market opportunities.Analyze the current development situation and trend of China's cable industry in Asia, and learn from and learn the industrial layout and management mode of the global leading high-end special cable enterprise market.The conference organized a number of leading expert managers to address the conference and discuss the enterprise technology upgrading and recommendation solutions to help enterprises improve the core competitiveness of products.At the same time, we should correctly grasp the opportunity of r&d investment and provide a channel for enterprises to expand their market share in Asia.

IntegerResearchLtd, an integrated research consultancy based in London, has offices in Beijing, Detroit and Tokyo, Japan.One of the specialized fields is to provide global cable industry research, data analysis, and consultancy services.The plan of the summit is to use the company's years of research experience in the global cable industry to provide a platform for experts in the global cable industry to exchange and in-depth exchange of industry information.

As demand for power lines and cable industries slows, Chinese companies face serious problems such as low technology, fierce competition and overproduction.And the opportunity of the market of high-end special cable will drive the innovation of the cable industry pattern.The company's vision decides the height, a batch of has the strength, can grasp and conforms to the high and new area innovation demand the cable enterprise will make the substantial development.

We have an in-depth understanding of this opportunity - the 2012 Asian high-end cable and cable summit invited many leading companies in the global cable and cable industry.From China's state grid, Japan's largest electric power supply company JPower, prysmian group, jiangsu up and cable group and the far east cable companies such as general, chief expert, chairman and general manager will make a speech.The meeting will also provide policy makers with high-level exchanges and a chance to form strategic partners.


Overview of major conference topics:

Section1. GlobalandAsiamarkettrendsandanalysis

Discuss the trend and analysis of cable markets in Asia and the rest of the world.

The latest development trend of the global electric cable industry.

New growth areas and demand forecast for wire and cable products.

The impact of the European recession on the cable industry.

Section2. NewenergycablesandpowersystemsinChina

Discuss the new development of China's new energy cable market and power grid.

New development of energy cables and market demand and profit analysis, forecast of gross margin of wind, solar and submarine cables.

The bottom cable transition to the new energy cable market, sharing the development experience of Japan, Europe and America leading cable companies.

State grid, the development of China's power transmission system in several major stages, the future high voltage superconducting cable technology challenges.

Section3. Processandmanufacturingdevelopmentsinspecialitycables

Discussion topic 3 the development and upgrading of special cable.

China's power supply planning and the application of new energy and nuclear energy.

Latest technology and development of Japanese power supply company and special cable manufacturer.

China's special high voltage cable market growth and different development impetus, research and development technology necessary investment.

Section4. Asiafibreopticcablemarkets

Discuss the opportunities and challenges of the Asian cable market.

Global fiber market and major Asian market development prospects.

The high yield of China's fiber industry can affect the rest of the world.

Discuss the factors that stimulate market demand and the growth of data transmission.

Section5. Copperpricevolatilityandhedgingtechniques

Discuss the price risk of copper price fluctuation and minimization of global cable industry.

International copper and aluminum market outlook and copper futures risk analysis.

International cable manufacturers develop new cables and improve risk aversion Suggestions.

The influence of the rising copper price on the cable industry is discussed, and the countermeasures for the international copper market, copper price trend and copper futures risk are discussed.

Section6. Latestmaterialapplicationsandtechnology

Discuss the latest material application of the advanced cable products.

Increase the transmission performance and reliability of HVDC cable.

The application of aluminum alloy products in overhead transmission lines is discussed in the conductor material.

Develop high - quality high-voltage cable systems and advanced technology and innovative material solutions.

Section7. ThedevelopmentofEuroclasscables

Discussion of cable development in European standard.

European standard for the development of fireproof cables and the latest eu regulations.

The green energy cable development of the German wire and cable manufacturers association.

Section8 EnvironmentalandqualitycontrolissuesintheAsiawire&cableindustry

Discuss the environmental and quality supervision issues of the Asian cable industry.

To strengthen the effective way of quality control and supervision of Chinese market cable products.

Discussion: recycling and reuse of waste wire and cable.