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Please find out the matters needing attention during the time of the pilot

時間:2018-01-22 查看:3064

1. Check whether the electrical wiring is accurate and not loose.

2. Use a megohmmeter measure heater, heater of the insulation resistance shall not be greater than 0.5 Μ Ω (not open) for a long time.

3. Check whether the installation of test components such as thermocouple and melt sensor is good.

4. Add the lubricating oil in the box to the middle position of the cursor, and start the oil pump for test lubrication, and add oil to the cursor position.

5. Check all upper and lower water pipes, pipelines and vacuum tubes, all should be unblocked, no leakage, all control valves should be adjusted.

6. Confirm that the combination configuration of the main engine screw barrel is suitable for the material variety to be carried out. If it is obviously not suitable, then recombination adjustment is carried out.

7. Check the rotation direction of the main motor and feeding motor. In the face of the extruder, the main machine is rotating clockwise.

8. Clear storage bin and hopper.After confirming the impurity foreign body, fill the material storage bin.All kinds of measuring feeding devices should be calibrated according to the industrial requirements. The feeding curves of each feeding device are given and the test plan is agreed.

9. For the operation of oil vacuum exhaust requirements, clean tap water should be added in the condensate tank to the prescribed water level.Close the valves of vacuum tube and condensate tank to check whether the exhaust chamber sealing ring is good.

10. The extruder's main engine cooling is soft water cooling.

11. For materials with large internal heating or over-sensitive shear heat, a soft water circulation cooling system should be used in the operation.Before use, the boiler soft water should be filled in the tank to the specified level.After the first use, the soft water should be added to the normal level after the system work.