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The production process of extruder is decrypted

時間:2018-01-22 查看:3121

What is the process of the extruder in the process of production, and now we are going to be able to decrypt the content of this aspect?

Mixing, melting, rub up an extruder as a stir meat machine: after a mix of the material being feeding machine, more or less heat, and then mixing, extruding through the die and then cutting knife shear (granular).Two high torque screws transfer the required energy to the material.So the extruder is sometimes called the "screw mixer".

For simple applications, such as one or two processes, a single screw extruder can be used for forming, cooking and melting.For complex production applications, there are three segments and more segments, such as mixing, homogenization, diffusion and additives or pigments, which require the same rotation twin screw extruder.

For example, if one end of the extruder is added with a good auxiliary material, the noodles, snack food and breakfast cereal may be formed on the other end.The change of ingredient formula will result in the formation of cat and dog pet food.If raise the temperature and the shear stress (shear makes ingredients after separation, and then allow the ingredients mixed), can produce fish feed, or improve the storage life of high nutritional products, such as rice bran.The buller squeezer has even been used to make reeds to make flowerpots.For PET debris recovered from plastic bottles, the buller extruder applied downstream solid condensation.

If you've never thought of using an extruder, you can learn about the various processing capabilities of this "screw blender" by installing an experimental device in the buller technical center.In fact, there is no limit to possible applications.With reasonable requirements, you can use a fully equipped engineering laboratory to bring your ideas to life through innovative and successful production processes.In other words, you will get the support and advice of our craft experts.The machine equipment is demonstrated by experienced engineers.

The latest extrusion application.

Composite material: fully processed plastics containing all ingredients can be further processed into final products.For example, if you mix fiberglass and plastic, you can produce a high-technology material, known as enhanced fiber thermoplastic.Such extruders are also known as "mixing machines" in the plastics industry.

Thermoplastic: this type of plastic can be heated to form as engineering material.

Mother material: how to make all kinds of plastic or foam material contain certain color, can make yellow plastic with yellow mother grain, blue mother grain make blue plastic, etc.More precisely: the masterbatch is a kind of plastic concentrate, which contains pigments and other ingredients,

Such as: additives, lubricants, flame retardants, crosslinking agents or foaming agents.In the process of processing, the color masterbatch is added to make the finished product in the colorless plastic raw materials as the coloring and protection ingredients.

Powder coating: an insoluble powder coating applied to the surface of a metal surface and then solidified in a furnace to form a finished surface.

Pigment: a very fine particle, about 50 nanometers in size, added to paint, paint, or printing toner.Inorganic pigments are usually made from natural materials;Organic pigments are synthesized chemically.

Special chemical engineering, production and sales in the industry: additive, strengthening agent, colorant, for the industrial application of chemicals, pesticides, aromatic agent, odor material, and other similar products.Through these products, the special chemical industry changes the life cycle, color, or firmness of the materials used in daily life.

Engineering plastics: modified plastics can be used as engineering materials, such as reinforced glass fiber plastics.

Rubber mixture: a rubber mixture used to make hoses, door and window seals, soles, or tires.The special challenge here is high mixing quality and high density.