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The application and machine characteristics of high speed rotary frame single winch.

時間:2018-01-22 查看:2620

High speed rotary frame type single Hank machine is suitable for high frequency line, data cable, electronic wire, core wire pair and multi-strand twisted in HDMI, DP, USB and CAT-7.

High-speed spinning frame of single warping machine equipment: motorized (active, passive unreeling, check out the new active alignment), spin box single winch host, center machine, side bag strip, meter device and electric control system, etc.

Purpose: used for controlling cable, power cable, data cable, communication cable, etc. PE or PVC coated core wire twisted and center belt or side release belt.

The machine features of high speed rotary frame single winch are:

1.The setting device consists of two sets of two sets, which can be arranged in a straight line or back to back.

2.The active line adopts frequency conversion and constant tension control to ensure that the four pairs of stranded wires are evenly distributed and the pitch is stable.

3.The single pitch is twisted, the hinge pitch is stable, and there are two kinds of machine, which can meet the customers' different needs.

4.The machine has small inertia, high speed and stable operation.