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The application and machine characteristics of high speed cantilever single winch.

時間:2018-01-22 查看:2656

High - speed cantilever single - stranding machine is a kind of wire and cable equipment used in DVI, HDMI, ATA, SATA, DP and other high frequency data cable.

High - speed cantilever single - winder is mainly composed of three - head power feeder, double - head strap and cantilever unit.

Cantilever sheet stranding machine use: used to control cable, communication cable, data cable, coaxial cable, such as PE or PVC coated wire twisted and center with a one-time belt or side put package, is presented, which is mainly used for wire core stranding.

The machine features of the high-speed cantilever single winch are:

1. It is suitable for the use of high frequency line, data line and electronic wire core wire for stranding and multi-strand stranding;

2. High speed of single Hank machine, twice the efficiency of vertical single stranding machine;

3. Constant tension of the belt and the receiving line, the control of the micro carbon powder clutch, the automatic adjustment of tension, and the function of broken line stop;

4. The line arrangement adopts the axial structure, and the row spacing is arbitrary.