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Automatic circling and binding machine for small section

High speed automatic circling and binding machine is the newly developed and high-tech product of Han Dong Electrician Machine,it fits for 0.5-6mm2 electrical wire and small sectional cable circling and binding this product has high production effectiveness, the arrange line quality is in the advanced level of domestic and international market, compare with traditional model, it has more advantage as following:

1. Production has high effectiveness;the man power cost is only20%of traditional model:

A:Using automatic arranging,one operator can be reduced

B:Using automatic arranging,take-up speed is 2-3times faster than traditional model

C:Using quick binding device, after circling the cable can be easily and quickly removed from work table, lots of time can be saved

D:Cable roll, binding, plastic packaging tese three processes can be done by one worker.

2. Arranging has better and more stable quality

A:Using automatic arranging, arranging depends on the  tension of cable self;it ensures that there won’t have any impacts from wire diameter to arranging pitch, wire arranging is tidied and has good quality.

B:There is no any manpower-factor to impact the arranging quality.

Payoff type

Pay-off by own tension

Wire plate dimension

? No exceed 630mm

Arranging type

Automatic arranging

Motor power

3HP (2.2kw)

Main axes rotation speed

0-600 rpm

lnner diameter of wire bundle

? 120mm

Outer diameter of wire bundle

N0 exceed≦Φ310mm

Height of wire bundle


Slot number of wire bundle

3 slots

Output of each work day


Suitable range

It is suitable for circling and binding of 0.5-6mm2cable and small cable