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Wire and cable extrusion line
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This machine is one of our high efficient and automatic products,this production line system can save the man power,space,time and costs.

This equipment is applied for producing PVC,XLPEand otherkinds of thermoplasticisolafed materials,fit to single layer extrusion,and also can be applied for producing BVR cables.This machine can work continuously without power off, extrusion, sending pressing, lining, cutting, marking,  membtane can be controlled automatically, using

Automaticpackagingrollswithout changing the plate, one buttonacceleration and deceleration function, to decrease man power, and increasing efficient.


Process parameters

Extrusion mode: single layer,double layers, double colors.apply for conductor1.5mm2-6mm2

Finished outer diameter:?1.0mm2- ?7.0mm2

70mm extrusion quantity of host machine130kg/h(nose open, soft PVC)

35mm extrusion quantity of auxiliary:15kg/h(nose open, soft PVC)

Speed:circling packing speed 200m/min(max)